Pound Slayer

Start Of A Plan

This is NOT a juice only CRASH diet. The Pound Slayer blends will nourish, lean out and flatten your belly. This cleanse is meant to help kick start any plan or push you over that plateau. Will you lose weight from the Pound Slayer? YES!! Without a doubt. Pound Slayer is an accelerator to your success cleansing the gunk out of your system, giving your body phytonutrients, enzymes and fiber allowing your system to release that stubborn fat. For ultimate results of this cleanse it is always recommend a minimum of 7 days to reap maximum benefits.

This cleanse includes: Morning Mojo, Slim Down, Garden Mix, Green Machine, Spicy Tomato and Nutty Night.

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New Kid On The Block

Beginner Plan

Don't be intimidated. New Kid on the Block will gently rid your body of impurities, regain an alkaline balance and normalize digestion and metabolism. Too often, a cleanse stirs up detox symptoms that are far too intense for the “new kid”on the block. New Kid on the Block is designed for people that would like to give their insides a rest while simultaneously going on about their daily lives. One need not gamble with extremes to feel the benefits of a cleanse.

This cleanse includes: Kick Start, Hawaiian Spice, The Green Cucumber, Green Machine, Garden Mix and Cocoa Night.

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Clean Slate

Intermediate Plan

There is no vacuum or mop needed for this little "housekeeping" ritual. If you are new to cleansing OR it has been quite a while since you gave your system a good cleanse AND you want to pack a nice punch for relatively little effort…Clean Slate is perfect!

This cleanse includes: Kick Start, Spicy Lemonade, Ginger Root Boost, Green Machine, Spicy Tomato and Nutty Night.

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Spick and Span

Advanced plan

This cleanse was designed as a more intense cleanse for those that have a bit more experience with cleansing. Spick & Span cleanse is heavily vegetable-based and has the lowest fruit sugar (fructose) levels of all the cleanses. The green leafy juices are fiber-rich and will flush the body of harmful toxins. Expect intense results and benefits of a clean digestive tract and reduced bloat from stored water weight.

This cleanse includes: Kick Start, Hawaiian Spice, (2) Green Machine, Carrot and Cocoa Night.

This Plans start at $49.99only Order Now

FitBitch Blends healthy juices to kick start a newer & healthier lifestyle.

Being one of the leading healthy juice suppliers, FitBitch Blends helps you kick start a newer healthier you in your daily life. These blended juices automatically help lean out your body and flatten your belly. Our wide range of juice blends includes Green Cucumber, Ginger Root Boost, Hawaiian Spice, Spicy Lemonade, Spicy Tomato, Carrot, Garden Mix, Cocoa Night and many other blends. A lot of health experts recommend these drinks to boost metabolism and strengthen the immune system of your body. Our blends are also supplied to various health clinics owing to their wide range of health benefits. .

We offer a broad array of blends to jump-start a healthy weight loss diet plan that easily helps our clients reduce weight in the most effective manner. The array of plans comprises of a beginner, intermediate, advanced and weight loss plan. While many people are looking for the “right” diet for weight loss, our blends are a great way to jumpstart a proper weight loss program. Our blends provide many health benefits such as removing impurities from the body, improving digestion and normalizing metabolism. For those who may be looking for a vegetarian diet weight loss plan, our blends fit perfectly into their daily nutritional plan. Our healthy blended juices are hygienically prepared and packed due to which the quality is never compromised. All of our blends and weight loss cleanse drinks are prepared using only fresh fruits and vegetables. Owing to these factors, we promise our clients invigorate weight loss guaranteed along side many other health benefits.

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